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CAS/ESA/MPE 2nd Einstein Probe Workshop, November 5-8, 2019, Garching, Germany

The EP Engineering Project progress meeting, August 18-21, 2019, 'FAST', Guizhou 

The EPSC meeting,May 27th,2019,Xiangshan,Beijing
CAS-ESA collaboration workshop on EP-FXTNovember 23th-25th,2018 IHEP, Beijing

The 3rd workshop on the Science case of Einstein Probe , November 25th, 2015 NAOC, Beijing

The ISSI-Beijing Forum on “Exploring the dynamic X-ray Universe”, May 6-7th 2014, ISSI-Beijing/NSSC, Beijing (co-organized with the International Space Science Institute – Beijing)

The 2nd workshop on the Science case of Einstein Probe (1st EP science working group meeting), November 15th 2013, Fragrance-Hill hotel, Beijing