Special issue of SCIENTIA SINICA Physica, Mechanica & Astronomica 48, (2018) Einstein Probe: Exploring the Dynamic X-ray Universe (11 papers, in Chinese)

Geant4 Simulations of A Wide-Angle X-Ray Focusing Telescope

Donghua Zhao, Chen Zhang, Weimin Yuan, Shuangnan Zhang,  Richard Willingale, Zhixing Ling.

Exploring the Dynamic X-ray Universe: Scientific Opportunities for
the Einstein Probe Mission[J]


Exploring the Dynamic X-ray Universe (Summarising report of the ISSI-BJ Forum on monitoring the transient X-ray Universe in the multi-messenger era, Beijing, May 6-7, 2014)  pdf

Weimin Yuan (NAOC, CAS, China), Julian P. Osborne (Leicester Univ. UK)

“Einstein Probe – a small mission to monitor and explore the dynamic X-ray Universe” pdf

Weimin Yuan, C. Zhang, H. Feng, S. N. Zhang, Z. X. Ling, et al., 2015, to appear in Proceedings of "Swift: 10 Years of Discovery", Proceedings of Science; ed. by P. Caraveo, P. D'Avanzo, N. Gehrels and G. Tagliaferri

“Detecting tidal disruption events of massive black holes in normal galaxies with  Einstein Probe” pdf

W. Yuan, S. Komossa, C. Zhang, H. Feng, Z. X. Ling, et al., 2015, to appear in Proceedings of “Star clusters and black holes in galaxies across cosmic time?” Proceedings IAU Symposium No. 312

Ray tracing simulations for the Wide-field X-ray Telescope of the Einstein Probe mission based on Geant4 and XRTG4   pdf

Donghua Zhao ; Chen Zhang ; Weimin Yuan ; Richard Willingale ; Zhixing Ling ; Hua Feng ; Hong Li ; Jianfeng Ji ; Wenxin Wang ; Shuangnan Zhang